LAGOS – Chuks Nwachikwwu, former presidential candidate of the All Grassroots Alliance (AGA) in the last general elections, has said that the inability of President Muhammadu Buhari to name his cabinet after two months of his inauguration as president of the country for a second term has capacity to slow down the economy.

The lawyer, who spoke with DAILY INDEPENDENT on Sunday, said that what happened in the past should have been used to correct the present and a situation where the president seemed to be slower now in making appointments may not be in the best interest of development of the country.

He said, “It is a terrible thing that it took the president four months after election and two months after inauguration for him to announce that he was going to continue with his personal staff.

Consider what it would take him to announce ministers and then you talk about board appointments. It means that in the next four years, we may not have board appointments. It was even faster in 2015 in announcing these appointments, because within two weeks he announced these same appointments and that was when he was coming to office for the first time.

“After being in office for four years, he seemed to be slower in appointing his most intimate and personal staff,” he said.



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