I grew up in Lagos. My childhood was fantastic because I grew up with both parents. My mother, father and siblings made my childhood interesting and fun.


I studied Business Administration at the Lagos State University, Lagos State.


I really never had any interest in acting because I am a very shy person. However, I usually attended auditions back then with my friends just for fun because after my secondary school education, I was at home for some time waiting for admission into the university. In 2006, I registered with the Actors Guild of Nigeria, and started going for auditions, and I was eventually picked. There was a particular movie where they were looking for someone that looked like Ini Edo to play a certain part. So, I got there and decided to try my luck. One of the production managers asked if I was an actress, and I said “no”. He asked me to show him what I could do and that was how I picked up the script. The movies that brought me to the limelight were Bloody Tussle and Fatal Success. I think they are still on YouTube. Those were the first English movies that I acted in. However, the first time I was on set, it wasn’t easy because I was working with big stars; so, I had to pick my lines carefully. I just had to be mindful of everything coming out of me. It wasn’t funny, trust me. I have also produced some movies.


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